Personal Trakking

Do these devices work as cell phones?

PT1 and PT2 can receive and make two way phone calls. The main purpose of these devices is location tracking and safety. A limited number of voice calls are covered in your monthly package, beyond that you need to recharge additional amount to use the devices.

Are the devices available?

PT1 and PT2 both are available. Call on 111-000-300 to get more information on sales and activation of devices.

Can I download the app for PT1 and PT2 ?

TPL Trakker Personal Trakking App is available on both Android Play Store and Apple Store.

Can I use my own SIM card and cellular carrier?

No, we have arranged special packages with cellular operators for the devices. These devices are locked for those operators and only the SIM card provided with the device will work.

Are there any long-term contracts?

Yes, the initial service contract is for one year.

Do they work internationally?

Yes, these devices work internationally. The user will have to provide and bear the cost of international SIM and cellular carrier charges.

Will I get alerts on my phone?

Yes, there are 4 types of alerts:
1) If the SOS Button is pressed, you will receive a text letting you know that your help is needed;
2) If the devices cross over the geo-fence boundary you created in the app, you get a geo-fence alert; and
3) Low Battery Alerts;
4) Speed Alert

Can more than one phone have alerts from one device?

Yes, you can program multiple phones to track each device.

Is there a safety latch to deter removal?

No, there is no safety latch to detect or deter removal

Are they waterproof?

No, PT1 is not water proof. PT2 is water resistant, but not suitable for swimming.

Will the battery last all day?

Yes, PT1 lasts for 3 days under normal circumstances depending on location update time. PT2 lasts for 20-24 hours under normal conditions.

Are they easy to charge?

Yes, both devices come with a mini USB charger and cable

Is there a warranty?

Yes, each device comes with 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Can the user switch the device off?

Yes, both PT1 and PT2 have a power button to switch the device off. However, you can deactivate power off button for PT2 , once deactivated the PT2 cannot be switched off from the device.

Can the devices be jammed by jammers?

Yes, both PT1 and PT2 work through GSM/GPRS signals. If the signals are blocked, the device will stop communicating the location.

What happens if there is no GSM signal or cell phones networks are switched off by government?

Both PT1 and PT2 work through GSM/GPRS signals. If the signals are blocked, the device will stop communicating the location.

The device is showing me further from my current location. Why?

Both device use GPS Satellite system that has accuracy of 10m outdoors. Once you are indoor, the satellite systems are not accessible, the devices then use A-GPS using Cellular network information with an accuracy of 100m to 200m. If your location is inaccurate while you are indoors please go under the open sky to access satellites for enhanced accuracy.

Can i change the Pre-set emergency numbers?

Yes, you can change pre-set emergency numbers through TPL Trakker App for both the devices. Your device needs to be switched on when you make these changes.

Can i change the frequency of the location update?

Yes, PT1 and PT2 are pre-programmed to update location every 5mins. Time interval can be modified through Mobile App.

Last Updated on: February 23, 2016 at 10:15 am

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