Interactive Platforms

TPL Trakker Limited offers innovation that is globally recognized in vehicle tracking solutions. In addition to our technological edge, we also have multiple interactive platforms which are designed to cater to the needs of our customers and assist in providing solutions that are just a click away!


The e-CS portal is a finely tuned customer services online portal that has been designed to cater to the requirements of our valued customers at any given time. With a fully equipped command center we are able to pin point the exact location of the registered vehicle. The process is straightforward, fill in your registered phone number and type in the pin code from thereon everything is accessible through your computer and mobile screen.


MyTrakker is a customized dashboard which enables users to monitor vehicles, generate update reports, get alerts via SMS/call and get real time notifications of their vehicles.


To complement our services of Mytrakker, we have a mobile application that is designed to offer tracking services round the clock. With its exceptional features, you can stay updated on the go! So no matter where you are or what time it is, you’ll know the whereabouts of your vehicle. The services features pre-inform about no go areas and that the car is headed in that direction alongside notifications of battery tampering; if by accident or intentionally your car battery is being removed or fidgeted with the notifications are instantly provided to  our customers via SMS or call. Furthermore, customer service representatives are a call away to cater any of your needs and queries regarding your vehicles safety and whereabouts including SOS calls.

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