Container Trakking (CT)

Container Trakking | In-transit Visibility

The Challenge: Shippers/transporters want the ability to give their customers accurate information on the whereabouts of their containers, anywhere en-route in a seamless
and efficient way. Additionally, governments also want to ensure that duty-free and bonded cargo destined to local dry ports or neighboring countries is safely and securely
delivered and no ‘leakage’ occurs during transit. Importers also want the ability to ensure that the goods they are importing into the country arrive securely, complete and intact, with the ability to know their delivery and pickup time.

Container Trakking – Solution

Working closely with local commercial transporters for several months, TPL Trakker has teamed up with Orbcomm, leaders in Container Tracking, by developing a sophisticated and groundbreaking container tracking solution that will be the preferred solution globally, including Pakistan for management, control and tracking of container shipments.

ORBCOMM & Container Trakking

Industry’s only integrated services platform for Container Trakking

  • Performs 5 main functions in one platform
  • Security
  • Cargo Condition Monitoring
  • In transit cargo visibility
  • Mobile item/pallet level inventory management
  • Chain of custody security/ driver authentication
  • Works in an intermodal environment
  • Trucking
  • Ocean Containers Tracking
  • Railway


Orbcomm’s container tracking solution utilizes GPS, GSM, RFID, Orbcomm Satellite and internet technologies, to provide real time end-to-end visibility of containers and report any exceptions en route. For security monitoring of container doors, a built-in hardwired technology is incorporated into the solution. The container tracking product tracks and monitors containers and provides critical supply chain visibility and security. Built into a weather proof rugged package, the tracking unit will efficiently deliver to all stakeholders the real time location and status of a particular container.

The unit can be magnetically mounted and installed in less than a minute per unit. The unit is a standalone unit with a low power consumption built-in battery that lasts for 21 days on a single charge. Solar version is also available.



Last Updated on: May 13, 2016 at 12:01 pm

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