5 ways to reduce fuel theft

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Fuel theft is a phenomenon that happens within a lot of companies. It often goes undetected for quite a long period of time. When it comes to large organizations that deal with huge amounts of fuel, a serious issue is fuel pilferage for employees’ personal use. Unfortunately, with the exponential increase in oil prices, there is a higher chance that your fleet could be at risk from fuel theft. The loss in terms of value is sizable, regardless of the size of the company. This necessarily makes optimum fuel management crucial to the success of a business.

This leads to an inevitable loss of trust in all drivers – even the ones who are not at fault. Most owners are unaware of its occurrence or uncertain as to how they should proceed when the situation arises. This is a delicate matter since scrutiny for theft impacts overall employee morale as well.

TPL Trakker has devised modernized Fuel Management Solutions (FMS) to effectively measure and manage the use of fuel for vehicles. Daily reports are generated so you can monitor exactly how much fuel is used, the distance traveled, routes taken and the speed with which your vehicles are being driven at. This is truly a blessing in disguise for any logistics company and fleet management organization.

1. Develop fueling policies

These need to be as precise as possible so that each personnel can be on the same page. Get everyone on board to, not only create awareness about the issue at hand but also, unite in the tackling of this problem. If continuous losses are being borne by the company, unprofitability and unemployment will go hand in hand.

2. Comprehensive fuel management system

A comprehensive fuel management system is a great investment. TPL Trakker offers FMS that allows you to follow your fuel from initial purchase through storage and dispensing. Track fueling by vehicle for your overall fleet. Plotting usage trends enables you to quickly uncover irregularities and create a fueling history for ongoing analysis. Let technology work for you and gain “Business Intel”.

3. Blocked parking

Make your vehicle an inaccessible target. This is a simple yet effective measure. Park vehicles in a manner that secures and blocks access to fuel tanks. This hindrance adds an extra layer of difficulty that may deter theft.

4. Maximum security in fleet yards

Fuel pilferage will become next to impossible if this measure is carried out without any corruption. Fences, lighting and security cameras need to be installed for complete transparency in operations.

5. Driver education

Drivers must be made aware of the dangers they face on the job. Fuel theft impacts them directly since their jobs are at stake. Once the systems are in place, the company’s new implementation measures need to be explained. This will make them undesirable targets for theft.

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