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Dispatch Solution

Dispatch Solutions provide a vital link between despatchers and field personnel whilst enabling our customers to enhance business efficiency and productivity. Valuable services will be extended to clients by automating various operational processes as the despatchers and managers will have quick access to the status of customer work orders, field workers and vehicles.

We are providing solutions that improve and optimize your existing assets, expenses and HR management activities. With our services, you can effectively reduce your costs and improve operational efficiencies with two-way messaging, monitoring task completion and assigning new tasks remotely.


  • Duty Roster
  • Complaints Assignment to Vehicles Form
  • Self-Ticket Generation
  • Admin Panels
  • Web Services
  • Complaint Management dashboard
  • Workforce Management
  • Total Ticket Info Summary panel
  • Fleet Summary Status panel
  • Bulk Assignment
  • Color Tagging Status
  • Summary Static view
  • Summary Reports