Your Fuel Card and Vehicle Trakker linked together on one complete Fleet Management platform

Shell Telematics is Pakistan’s First Fleet Management Platform which integrates Fuel Cards with Vehicle Trackers to give customers a complete picture of Driver Efficiency and Fleet Performance. The solution provided by Shell is backed by TPL Trakker’s Telematics Technology and is available for mutual corporate customers of Shell Pakistan Ltd and TPL Trakker Ltd.


Monitor Vehicle Mileage and Maintenance

Compare vehicle mileage, fuel consumption and distance travelled of your vehicles over time and against each other to pinpoint underperforming vehicles. Set reminders for scheduled vehicle maintenance activities so that you can optimize your vehicles health.


Catch Suspicious Transactions

Catch potentially suspicious transactions by setting alerts and identifying repeatedly fraudulent driver behavior.


Track Driver Safety Violations 

View driving performance to monitor safety violations and get alerts for Harsh Acceleration, Harsh Breaking, Harsh Turn and Over Speeding.