Parking Sensor

An ultrasonic parking sensor is used to alert you about the position of objects around your car. Its primary purpose is to assist the driver while they are parking the vehicle. A parking sensor is usually placed on the bumper of the vehicle.

The basic functionality of a sensor is to alert the driver of the proximity of an object approaching. It will alert the driver about objects both in front or at the back of the vehicle.

With narrow car parking spaces all around the world, the demand for parking sensors is ever-growing.


Trakker’s parking sensor has to offer the following features:

  • High Definition of LED digital display distance
  • Bi.Bi sound warning and voice are optional
  • Three colors of green, yellow, red, and 8-segment
  • Dual-DPU, rapid response
  • Probe self-test function
  • Left and right obstacle position indicating
  • Front radar optional (2 sensors, 4 sensors)
  • Ultrasonic frequency: 40±1KHz
  • Detection distance: 30 ~ 250CM
  • 2, 4, 6, 8 sensors optional

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