5 GPS Car Tracker Features Every Tracker Should Have

Why have a GPS Car Tracker Installed?

Car tracking devices are often thought to be just used by private investigators to track vehicles which is a wrong perception. There are many good reasons why a layman would need a car tracker.

A car tracker isn’t just limited to securing your car from attempts to theft but it may also help you in keeping tabs on your driver and family members in case of emergency or knowing your car’s location at any given time.

A GPS tracking device is for anyone who cares about their vehicle but it can’t be just any tracking device. Various companies claim to be the best car tracker company in Pakistan but lack in technology and features of an efficient car tracker.

Let’s find out the must-have features of an efficient car tracking system:

Must-Have Features of the Best GPS Car Tracker:

    1. Real-time Location Tracking:

Don’t get mistaken, not all tracking car security systems offer real-time location tracking instead they have a periodic update of their GPS car tracking devices. Anti-theft systems work best with real-time location tracking.

The most significant benefit of location tracking is that it empowers emergency responders to locate you easily in case of an emergency. Apart from this, cars can also be tracked with real-time location tracking which will enable you to watch their movement on the go.

Location tracking will also help you make life more convenient such as finding nearby restaurants while traveling etc.

Fleet Management Companies are in a dire need of a Real-time Location Tracking feature as they have to constantly be aware of their drivers and vehicles at any given time to respond properly in case of any emergency. To make sure that the right resources are allocated at the right place, location tracking is imperative.

    2. Customized Car Alerts:

Security Alert is a feature that is most needed for Fleet Management Companies in Pakistan. In terms of benefits, security alerts can help you to reduce risk and improve efficiency by giving alerts regarding driver behavior and vehicle diagnostics.

Fuel can be saved in case of long idle times of the vehicle, a notification can be sent to the driver to turn off the car. In case the driver passes the posted speed limit they will receive a speeding limit alert to keep them in check. Scheduled vehicle maintenance alerts can also be provided through customized alerts.

    3. Car Maintenance Scheduling:

The downtime faced while your car is under maintenance may adversely affect your fleet. Save yourself from downtime with features such as quick identification of maintenance issues and addressing them. It will help ensure that preventive maintenance is scheduled and completed on time.

There is a predictive maintenance scheduling alert in your good car trackers which will notify you of your vehicle’s health and allow you to not turn small neglected problems into bottlenecks.

    4. Optimization of Route and Scheduling:

Manual routing of a fleet can get the most hectic task as a Fleet Manager and may still cause mishaps. Issues such as overlapping routes, idle time of fleet, and not assigning tasks to the closest vehicle available persist in absence of optimization of route and scheduling features.

Drivers are pre-assigned areas to visit at the beginning of the day in a cost-effective manner and as per the unique requirements of the customer.

This feature in a tracker can streamline communication, enhance productivity, and improve arrival times.

    5. Driver Behavior Monitoring:

To reap benefits at the maximum level of efficiency and productivity from your fleet, Driver Behavior Monitoring is a must-have feature.

Fleet managers may get a vast variety of driving behaviors of the fleet such as speeding, rapid acceleration, and harsh braking during a commute. Alerts and reports received by the manager can help to hold the field force accountable for their performance.


So, the bottom line is that having the best GPS Tracker for Cars in Pakistan with top-notch features is essential for anyone who owns a car or manages a fleet. TPL Trakker is the pioneer of vehicle tracking and has won the Brand of the Year Award by PakWheels in the car tracking category several times which is proof of it being one of the best car tracking companies in Pakistan.