Big Friday with Trakker

Crazy has a new name at TPL Trakker: it’s called Trakkember – A Big Friday Offer

TPL Trakker launched the “Trakkember” campaign this year on the 12th of November. Ever since we launched the campaign and announced the amazing deal via our Big Friday exclusive offer – Trakker Max, inquiries from the entire Pakistan have been through the roof!

We were really going to end the campaign by 30th November, but looking at the overwhelming response we decided to extend the campaign till 31st December, so that potential users can benefit the most out of the Big Friday Offer.

That’s not it!

This amazing offer comes with a reward – a lucky draw to win a grand prize. After every 14 days a winner is announced. The lucky winners who purchased TrakkerMax from us qualified further to win a FREE LED TV.

What actually is TrakkerMax?

Trakker Max was developed by combining the features of two of our top notch products; Trakker Plus and Premium. Trakker Max is the best of both worlds when it comes to features, that too with a remarkable price of RS. 19,999 only (Including Taxes).

Which features Trakker Max is equipped with?

  • Vehicle Analytics.
  • 24/7 Call Center.
  • Battery Tamper.
  • Geo-Fencing (on SMS)
  • Anti-Jamming.
  • Ignition ‘on’ Alert.
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery Assistance.
  • My Trakker (Mobile App + Web Access)
  • Trip Report.
  • Movement Report (Basic)


All good things come to an end

This amazing offer is available for customers till 31st December. We already mentioned the price of Trakker Max is just RS. 19,999 (Including Taxes) which gives flat 20% discount to our customers.

Therefore, we implore you to hurry now by securing your most precious asset – your car, before 2021 ends. A great discount with features only offered for a limited time isn’t a bad deal at all.

Wouldn’t it be wise if you secure one of your most valuable asset, your car, worth many lacs by securing it with a solution that in comparison is just going to cost you 3-5% of your car’s cost?


TPL is the pioneer of car tracking in Pakistan with an experience of around 20+ years. The seamless integration of top-notch specifications and an efficient car tracking solution makes TPL and an ideal choice for users of connected cars.

TPL’s app is convenient to use and comes in handy for a vast range of users of connected cars. May it be elderly drivers, newly licensed teenagers or car enthusiasts etc. Users can monitor their car even with a mobile phone or any other handheld device.

Getting a plethora of features with an efficient tracking system at a huge Big Friday Sale is just a steal.