Boost the operational value of business with Asset Tracking

The go-to advantages for a consumer

The process of tracking the movement of one or more assets in an environment or within an organization in the context of safety, security and staying informed through internet of things is simply defined as asset tracking. The objective is to track digital data linked to an object such as personal vehicles and company fleets, asset tracking technology is hence, based on use of IoT tools and solutions.

Asset tracking and IoT is the right combination for all possibilities – when combined with internet of things, asset tracking offers possibilities that were not available earlier with just satellite or GPS tracking. A connected car or bike and even fleet for example, collects local data.

As pioneers of asset tracking we at TPL Trakker always keep certain advantages in mind for our customers, let’s talk about a few;

Better security – theft or loss of individual or fleet vehicle is an unfortunate risk, the replacement of one or several can easily bring a significant financial unbalance. Hence, asset tracking is an investment that can always pay for itself as geolocation allows you to know where your vehicle is located in real time.

Optimized movement flows – to improve the management of vehicle or fleet, and traffic flows requires precise facts to identify it is indeed on the move, this way anomalies are clear as well as areas of improvement can be worked on in real time.

Every next maintenance operations performed should be based on preventing technical failures that could lead to low risks of breakdown, and timely forecast of all needs for replacement. Thanks to travel history, causes of damage can be identified efficiently for both individual and fleet vehicles.

A pure given for better working conditions is good management of fleet to ensure safety, and minimizing risks of accidents. This further boosts a worker’s confidence in the tools they are using, improving the overall process. An asset tracking solution easily compensates for physical manipulations in high risk scenarios.

On the other hand asset tracking ensures precise knowledge of vehicle and value of a company’s assets, simplifying accounting in terms of financial reality of the business. Industrial companies need location of fleet along with uninterrupted management, making asset tracking the most advantageous solution in the industrial world.