Car security challenges in Karachi

In Karachi, car theft is very different from what it is in other Pakistani cities. Managing a city the size of Karachi with so few resources is particularly difficult due to a lack of resources. If we look at the percentage of crimes in Karachi, we can see that, in addition to other crimes, mobile snatching and car theft are the most frequent crimes.

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Car security challenges in Karachi

Car snatching

After mobile snatching, car lifting is a common crime in Karachi. Car thieves frequently escape punishment for their crimes because of inadequate security.

Car parts theft

In Karachi, it is yet another frequent threat to vehicle security. If you have not personally experienced it, you may have heard that people so often lose their car side mirrors or have their car batteries stolen. Sometimes, to minimize being identified, cars are stripped and sold as parts.

Car lifting

Sometimes carjackers choose to steal cars from their parking spaces to avoid being seen doing it. It takes experienced carjackers only 50 to 60 seconds to unlock or enter the vehicle.

How to overcome these problems

To overcome your automobile security threats and boost your car protection by a factor of ten, we have a solution for you, i.e., TPL Trakker. Our trackers are integrated with cutting-edge technology and a variety of functions to assist you with a range of potential concerns. One of the most beneficial features of our product is its stolen vehicle recovery assistance. In the event of a carjacking or car snatching, you can contact us to track down the exact location of your vehicle and notify the police. This enhances the chances that your car will be recovered safely.

Battery tampering alert calls are another useful feature of our Trakker. If someone tries to alter or tamper with your car’s battery, you will be promptly alerted. You can use this tool to constantly monitor the safety of your vehicle. Similarly, if an unauthorized person or thief tries to commit robbery, you can receive ignition on and off alerts through your mobile app.

Other noteworthy characteristics of our Trakker include:

24/7 Call Centre

Trip reports

Movement reports



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