Different ways to cut fuel costs


With increasing petrol prices, it’s getting harder and harder every day to maintain fuel costs, especially for fleet managers. As we know that, gas prizes are increasing day by day and because of this, fleet managers are facing difficulties. They have no option but to spend more money with a chance of lesser profit.

In this era of inflation, there is only one option: figure out how to reduce fuel consumption while maintaining all other operations exactly as they are. TPL Trakker offers incredible fleet management solutions for businesses looking to increase their profitability while also managing their operations more efficiently.

With our fleet management solution, you can monitor all your routes, control fuel price cost and consumption, monitor driving behaviors and also track your fleet via our seamless software. Fleet tracking technology increases efficiency for everyday operations and can be very helpful to manage and optimize the fuel budget and streamline the travel routes.

Let’s discuss four main ways how TPL Trakker’s fleet management solution cuts fuel cost;

Identifying fuel-wasting behavior:

A lot of fuel can be wasted if the driver over-speeds, idle, accelerate too quickly or harshly brakes.  Just by improving these driver behaviors, fuel and vehicle maintenance cost can cut down up to 40%. Trakker allows fleet managers to have a complete access for their fleet’s whereabouts and performances. With constant monitoring, you can control if a driver is wasting the fuel and putting your company and themselves in the unnecessary risk at the same time.

Optimize routes:

Fleet managers can also ensure that their drivers are taking short, fast and fuel-efficient routes. In order to move on long and more difficult roads, drivers should take the best and shorter routes. Fleet tracking solutions can be very helpful in identifying shorter and faster routes for increased efficiency. You can streamline all the routes for the whole fleet at once, and save the time and money.

Prioritizing maintenance:

This is one more key benefit of using fleet tracking technology that it will update you related to fleet maintenance and you can fix it on the correct time because it is good to treat the problems in beginning otherwise they will become more difficult and expensive to solve.

Another significant advantage of using fleet management system is that it will keep you up to date on fleet maintenance and allow you to address issues as they arise. It is best to fix problems at the nip of the bud, otherwise they will become more difficult and expensive to resolve later. TPL Trakker allows fleeting managers to configure automatic alerts.

Spotting fuel theft:

By using TPL Trakker as your fleet management solution, you will get notified if someone swipes is attempting fuel theft on your vehicles. Our tracking system sends prompt alerts about any suspicious activity.  This way, you will be notified directly and can take fast action.


TPL Trakker provides the best car tracking solutions as well as complete fleet management services for its individual customers and other businesses. By leveraging the power of Fleet Management Services, any business, be it small or large, can gain a competitive advantage over its competitors. Trakker can help you achieve exceptional fleet performance by providing the right tools and technology.