Growing automotive industry in Pakistan creating an impression for tracker world

The past years have seen a rapid boost in the growth of automotive industry in Pakistan. The interest that European carmakers are paying to the Pakistan’s market is a valid proof of that. The sales have continued to recover since 2008-09, and last December was probably the best closing month of a calendar year. According to the latest data provided by Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA), the sales of domestically produced automobiles jumped to 20,720 units in May 2017, which is 21.5% more compared to 17,052 units in the same month last year. Auto sales in May were higher than the original predictions.

Local vehicle sales also increased due to the introduction of new models of cars, rising consumer sector dynamics, taxi scheme introduced by Punjab Government and a visible growth in car financing due to 42-year low-interest rates in Pakistan. New models were bound to launch as a model life of many cars were expired last year and those who did not introduce new models enhanced or added upgrades to compete in the market. This helped maintain the increasing momentum of sales.

Aamir Allawala, ex-chairman Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts and Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM) stated that sales had increased after the arrival of automatic cars. According to data provided by PAMA, a total of 139,570 cars were sold during the nine-month period, higher than 137,206 cars in the same period of last year. A total of 72,095 cars of the 1300cc or above category were sold during July-March period against 64,882 units sold during the same period of last year. In March 2017, a total of 18,295 cars were sold.

Here it is very important to note that number of used imported cars is still somewhere around 25,000-30,000 units per annum. These imports make up approximately 15% of total car sales in Pakistan.

With more cars on the road than ever before, the demand for vehicle tracking units has also risen significantly. Due to the uncertain atmosphere in the country where car theft, car snatching, and carjacking is becoming a big worry, people now realize the importance of these tracking units. These technologically advanced tracking devices are helping common people to protect their hard-earned assets.

The imported cars, as well as the newly manufactured vehicles, are equipped with more complicated systems, and each of them is designed differently. To keep up with these new systems, the tracking units have also evolved. These new units are far more reliable. The vehicle tracking industry in Pakistan is growing significantly, which directly affected the market for tracking business. Massive growth has created an obstacle for a consumer to find the right tracking solution for their asset as numbers of pirated devices are also circling in the market.  It is best for a customer to do some research before making a final purchase for the best of their car.

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