How To Prevent Vehicle Erosion In Coastal Cities

All Karachiites are very proud of living near the ocean. There’s nothing like the cool ocean breeze on a hot day to keep our spirits high. The calming sound of the waves crashing against the rocks and the beautiful views of the sparkling sea are perfect under the humid Karachi weather. However, while a lifetime access to the coast may seem ideal, it is taking a toll on your vehicle. As a matter of fact, environmental factors, present in coastal cities like Karachi, are sizeable contributors to accelerated vehicle erosion and damage.

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Let’s assess how the ocean impacts our car, and more importantly, how we can prevent the damage:

1. Ocean air damages vehicular paint

The sun and salt in the air combined can nearly destroy a car’s finish. The heat from the sun pierces through the porous paint which results in greater absorption of salty moisture, and inevitably, increases corrosion.

2. Corrosion from humidity and dew

The paint is not the only part of the car that falls victim to this environmental phenomenon. Brake calipers, nuts and bolts get corroded as well. Engineers say that the water droplets create sites where corrosion can occur, and salt helps to accelerate the corrosion.

How to prevent vehicle erosion:

1. Park in an airy ventilated garage, or use a vehicle cover.

2. Ensure your car is washed with a microfiber towel, that is gentle on the car’s finish

3. Wax your car regularly

4. Avoid driving on sand or exposing your car to saline ocean water

The aftermath of living near the ocean is borne by your vehicle. However, understanding the root cause of the damage and implementing the necessary steps to curb it is sufficient to give your car the longevity of life that it deserves, with minimal corrosion to your vehicle.

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