Internet of Things: Revolutionizing the transportation ecosystem

If there is any technology that has proven its worth in the transportation sector, it has to be the Internet of Things, also known as IoT. Automated vehicle tracking systems are useful for controlling fuel usage, fleet real-time monitoring, notifications for blocked or damaged roads, and driver behavior. The trucking sector is anticipated to experience a significant transformation in the near future as outdated trucks are replaced with smart trucks. This will facilitate more efficient machine-to-machine communication while also enhancing the connected car experience.

At TPL Trakker Ltd., we have incorporated futuristic technologies like IoT and Artificial Intelligence into our solutions to revolutionize the entire asset tracking industry. Our company works with data to offer excellent solutions in the areas of:

  • Asset Tracking
  • Digital Mapping
  • Personalized IoT solutions
  • Telematics
  • GIS-based solutions
  • Genset monitoring solutions

Our competitive advantage is a result of plaiting data-rich services and cutting-edge technologies into the mere fabric of our product offering. You can acquire thorough information on the specifics of your assets and monitor the operational state of your whole fleet from anywhere. Let’s go over how IoT enhances vehicle tracking:

1. Data Access in Real Time

IoT-powered systems enhance rapid access to analytics and data. Once a sensor-based system has been installed on the transport equipment, it is simpler and more accurate to retrieve real-time data compared to any other navigation system.

For both B2C and B2B customers, TPL Trakker Ltd. delivers the best solutions on the market. Our tracking gadgets are equipped with the newest technologies. You may get data and keep tabs on your fuel use habits using the Trakker smartphone app. additionally, reports on fuel usage are delivered via the app as notifications. By monitoring this, you can manage and reduce the cost of maintenance.

2. Interconnectivity

IoT technology makes it easy to seamlessly connect all cars and other assets. Owning a large number of fleets is difficult, especially when it comes to managing and maintaining them personally. The Trakker application simplifies the process by giving you a full picture of when vehicle maintenance is needed. Furthermore, it displays the precise location of the fleet with ETA.

3. Reduces carbon waste

Environmental carbon dioxide emissions could be substantially reduced by implementing IoT technology in the transport sector. When vehicles consume less fuel through regular vehicle maintenance and fuel monitoring reports, the carbon footprint is reduced to a minimum. By informing drivers of high-risk road or weather conditions, vehicle interconnectivity also contributes to reducing the likelihood of accidents. We encourage our customers to use technologies that respect the environment to maintain ethical and responsible business practices.


It is impossible to overstate the value of the IoT in the area of tracking assets and vehicles, however we can conclude from this that IoT has considerably improved the tracking of transportation systems. TPL Trakker’s customized solutions enable customers to take advantage of easy-to-control technology in real time.