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To achieve greater energy security and reduce carbon emissions is the need of the hour. One smart and effective way to do that is to use Solar Energy. Corporations, as well as individual use of solar panels, have been on the rise in Pakistan which is a positive move.

An increasing trend has been noticed in the usage of solar panels both for corporations and individual use in Pakistan which is amazing, to say the least.

But wait!

As per research, almost 80% of the users of solar panels face critical issues of not getting enough power from panels and unawareness about the performance deterioration of solar panels.

There’s plenty of energy your panels are losing due to not getting enough power from the panels. Another reason is, most of the users aren’t aware of the degraded performance of their solar panels.

Let’s explore effective solutions for it.

What do these stats have to do with you?

The most optimal solution for it is the “Solar System Performance Monitoring System”. Out of the abundantly available advantages it offers, extracting live and historical locations for any remote location is the most powerful and befitting.

What does TPL Trakker’s Solar System Performance Monitoring System has to offer?

  • Solar Panel health checks
  • Battery alerts (disconnection/thefts)
  • Live weather update
  • Power Banking (battery voltage with charging percentage)
  • Performance of Solar Panel (with percentage)
  • Maintenance Alerts (solar sheet & solar degradation)


Imagine how much more cost savings you could have done by utilizing a “Solar System Performance Monitoring System”? The analytics of this system enables you to monitor the health of your solar panels and assist in delivering the maximum output. The alerts equipped with this system also enhance the security it offers by keeping you aware of any sort of theft identification or an accidental disconnection that may have caused inconvenience.