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In the overpopulated cities of Pakistan, reckless driving is very common amongst fleet drivers. Many men, women and children become victims of such carelessness every day. Driver safety is top priority always, it is absolutely vital to be able to monitor your fleet drivers driving behavior so the violation of driving standards can be identified and avoided. Controlled Driver’s behavior will essentially mean safety of your materials at all times and low risk of damage costs. Driving behavior is determined by information such as excessive braking, acceleration and cornering.

TPL Trakker believes in constant innovation to be able to optimize people’s vehicle movements to ensure safety and to have a constant comprehensive view on people’s driving habits so that behavior patterns are predicted and any driving mistakes should be avoided. And TPL Trakker has launched Pakistan’s first ever in-app vehicle analytics; Driver Scorecard and Trip Analytics. For personal use or for fleet management, these elaborate features will make a largely positive difference to your driving experience and give you the peace of mind if you are an everyday driver.

Driver Scorecard is a driver’s performance evaluation dashboard which monitors risky driving habits like over speeding, excessive acceleration, harsh braking and hard cornering. This helps you balance safety and productivity especially in the case of fleet management. Business owners can make sure their operations run smoothly and goods are transported in a safe and secure manner. Moreover, this feature will make parents lives a lot easier as now they can keep a strict eye on their children’s driving behavior and point out problem areas that need improvement.

The Trip Analytics feature provides an overview of all the trips taken by a vehicle in a specific time period and identifying the start and locations each time. This thorough feature helps people manage their future journeys and business owners can keep a track on their fleet movements. These analytics can help individuals and businesses increase operational efficiency by making smart decisions. These decisions are aided by reports based on time and status, ignition status and your located points on maps.

Driver Scorecard and Trip Analytics make a neat and easy combination to understand your fleet operations. The reports help you make informed decisions about driving and improve driver’s behavior. Using the new features make smart decisions for smart movements.

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