Smart Forecasting Solutions for Cylinder Monitoring

The most common use of LPG is either domestic or industrial. While a massive Industry of food and other categories make LPG a critical success factor and an essential requirement when to order your LPG inventory could be a pressing issue. The majority of the time the amount of gas remaining in the cylinders is unknown only because there is no tracking of the gas usage of any sort.

Don’t you worry, we have a solution to it!

LPG Cylinder Monitoring Solution is the answer to these problems as by live tracking of gas usage and an automated system to order the inventory you can optimize the business operations efficiently. The user can also monitor the availability of usage history to better forecast the demand in the forthcoming days.

Why Choose TPL Trakker’s Cylinder Monitoring Solution?

TPL Trakker is among the spearheaded the creation of solutions related to “Cylinder Monitoring Solution”, an unrivaled technology has been devised for this solution to make the most out of it.

Here’s how we stand out with the amazing Cylinder Monitoring Solutions offered to our customers;

  • Real-time information of Gas pressure.
  • Automated ordering of new cylinders to the vendor (subject to requirement/supplier integration).
  • Availability of usage history for intelligent demand forecast.

Some useful auxiliary features and alerts to support the monitoring solution are as follows:

  • Weather Widgets.
  • Color Scheme according to Cylinder pressure.
  • Graphical presentation of usage.
  • Periodic maintenance alerts.
  • Gas leakage alert.
  • Low-pressure alert.
  • Power Disconnection Alert.


To attain the maximum potential of your business each potential area of the business needs to be leveraged and optimized. Getting an LPG Cylinder Monitoring Solution may help you in automating your business operations with smart forecasting solutions. For your peace of mind, get rid of the hassle of consistently keeping a check on inventory or orders, get the smart forecasting solutions from TPL Trakker today!