The Best Asset Tracking Solution

Asset protection is a critical aspect of managing a business. It can be particularly challenging when it comes to managing fleets of vehicles or other assets that are constantly on the move. That’s where TPL Trakker comes in. With their cutting-edge asset tracking and fleet management solutions, TPL Trakker is a pioneer and a trusted name in the industry. TPL Trakker has also maintained a stable rating as per PACRA standards, specifically as a telematics and IOT service provider.

Here are the top three ways TPL Trakker protects your assets and is the best choice in the market:

Real-time GPS tracking

Asset_tracking_solutions 3

Asset protection in real-time through GPS Tracking.

Asset_tracking_solutions 2

Prompt information about vehicle. On and off alerts and trip reports in detail.

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Keep track of fleets of vehicles and ensure they stay on schedule.

Theft Prevention

TPL Trakker’s solutions are equipped with advanced features that send instant alerts, notifying the vehicle of unauthorized movements. TPL Trakker provides law enforcement agencies with real-time location data, making it easier to track down stolen assets and apprehend the thieves.

Advanced Maintenance

TPL Trakker helps protect your assets by providing advanced management data to prevent major problems and costly breakdowns and ensure that your assets are always in the best condition. Our maintenance management solution helps schedule regular maintenance and repairs.

All in all, TPL Trakker offers asset tracking and fleet management solutions that equip businesses with the necessary tools to safeguard assets and streamline operations. TPL Trakker provides cutting-edge features such as live location, anti-theft measures, timely alerts, geo-fencing, live traffic updates, maintenance management, and more. You can also get a customized feature package according to your needs. TPL Trakker caters to businesses of all sizes and empowers them to enhance their productivity and profitability.