The Importance of Video Telematics in Vehicle Tracking

In the past year, 10,379 accidents were recorded by Pakistan’s Bureau of Statistics. Commercial truck accidents also make up a significant portion of these accidents. The number of commercial vehicle accidents can be significantly decreased using today’s cutting-edge IoT technologies.

IoT technologies like video telematics are one way to lower the probability of accidents and safeguard your fleet from serious damage. Businesses can easily integrate cameras and analytics within their fleet for better tracking by implementing video telematics technology. The crash evidence, unsafe driving practices, and other things can all be properly recorded.

How TPL Trakker utilizes Video Telematics?

This technology combines HD cameras with artificial intelligence to take and analyze high-quality pictures of the incident. Telematics sends security alerts and information to the fleet management by integrating this into the vehicles, helping in the prevention of any potential collisions.

TPL Trakker helps other businesses make the most of this technology. We are aware of the importance of GPS tracking in the business world and how it significantly boosts productivity. With the most recent AI-powered dash cams and MDVR, we offer our clients excellent telematics solutions.

Our MDVR (Mobile Digital Video Recorder) system is capable of supporting four cameras, placed internally and externally in a vehicle, which can be monitored via the Trakker mobile app. With information coming at all times, fleet managers can stay in touch with all the drivers and receive timely alerts about their movements, fuel consumption, abrupt braking, over speeding, and other reckless and risky driving behaviors.

Some of the services that TPL Trakker provides for its customers include the following:

  • Vehicle video surveillance
  • Battery tampering alerts
  • Geo-fencing
  • Anti-jamming
  • Trip Reports
  • Vehicle Analytics

Features and benefits of vehicle video surveillance

TPL Trakker aims to increase both productivity and profitability, with better driver experience, effective monitoring, and fewer accidents. Geo-fencing monitoring technology is built into our tracking devices. You are notified through SMS if the vehicle leaves the designated area. Other remarkable features include:

  • Driver monitoring system
  • Ai Dash Cam
  • Ai MDVR
  • Fuel Management

Driver monitoring system

You can keep tabs on your driver at all times using our driver monitoring system. A camera is placed inside the vehicle that is AI-powered and can recognize the following driver behaviors:

  • Smoking or using intoxicants
  • Talking on the phone
  • Driving while using a mobile device
  • Sleepiness/yawning
  • Distracted Driving
  • Sunglasses with UV Protection
  • Not wearing a seat belt

Telematics has a good financial impact. Instilling a culture of safety in your drivers will not only help save lives, but it will also help you save money on regular maintenance. Apart from fuel monitoring, telematics can also analyze when drivers are braking, or accelerating abruptly.


TPL Trakker has provided many companies with customized telematics solutions, which have increased their productivity and work efficiency many folds. TPL Trakker, Pakistan’s first asset monitoring business, may help you gain a competitive edge and improve your fleet’s performance in the long run.