The Why, What, and How of Car Tracking?

We, at TPL Trakker, commit to continuing the legacy of being an innovative, disruptive, & customer-centric solutions provider in the Asset Tracking Industry.

TPL is the pioneer in the Vehicle Tracking Industry and is the first license holder in Pakistan. We hold a 42% market share in the Asset Tracking Industry in Pakistan.

With unrivaled and futuristic car tracking features, we successfully stand out from the rest of the industry players.

Our core focus is to provide the most value at an economical price when compared to other products. Currently, Trakker-i is our solution that comes with superior features and offers value for money.

There’s more to it!

The distinctive factor of this solution is the bundle of features that it comes with and that too at a cost-effective price.

Unique Valuable Features that Trakker has to Offer:

  • In-depth Vehicle Analytics
  • 24/7 Call Center Availability
  • Battery Tamper Alert
  • Geo-Fencing (On SMS)
  • Anti-Jamming System
  • Ignition ‘on’ Alert
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery Assistance
  • My Trakker (Mobile App + Web Access)
  • Trip Report
  • Movement Report (Basic)

Why Choose TPL Trakker?

When compared to peers, TPL Trakker offers various top-notch products under car tracking solutions in terms of functionality, features, and pricing.

A user-friendly app and enhanced security features such as anti-jamming and battery tamper alert make it an optimum car tracking solution. Secure your car on an immediate basis to have the utmost peace of mind and eliminate the risk of theft.

So, get yourself a solution that does it all and keep a check on your loved ones with the help of it.


Don’t get mistaken by thinking that car tracking solutions are just limited to a GPS tracking device for a car instead it’s a robust tracking solution that enables you to track, trace and monitor the analytics of your vehicle.

If you’re not using a car tracking system, now is the best time to secure your car when you can avail yourself of solutions such as Trakker-i at a discounted price.