Top 5 reasons for roadside car breakdowns


Cars are complicated mechanisms and there is a handful of things that can go wrong with your vehicle .Unfortunately our lives depend on them so much that one cannot afford to have a broken car.  If a car shuts down your day is likely to come to a halt. It is quite often that you see a car parked on the side of the road. Car breakdowns are relatively common especially in fast paced cities like Karachi and Lahore where everyone is constantly on the move and on a tight schedule. There may be a variety of reasons for these car breakdowns and they should be taken care of and avoided at all times.

1. Tyre or wheel failures:

Expect the unexpected in every situation. Pakistan has a large number of car accidents every year and many are due to mere negligence. Tyre deflation is quite likely the reason for most vehicle breakdowns and comes under negligence as well hence one should always maintain the tyres or else the results can also be life threatening. Tyre failiures can happen because of heavy loads or just tyre damage.

2. Faulty Battery

During cold weather, the engine takes up twice as much current as under normal weather thus battery damage can be the reason for many car emergencies which is why there ought to be a constant check in the battery terminals. Batteries should be maintained annually to make sure your vehicle is not in danger of such breakdowns or other failure that can lead to serious life threatening accidents. Always keep a look out for that flickering red light!

3.  Mechanical failures:

A car is a machine after all and very susceptible to breakdowns due to problems in the engine or general mechanism of the car. Regular maintenance checks in the starter motor and alternator are essential to ensure smooth running of the car and prevent such failures

4. Lost keys:

Carelessness and forgetfulness can cost a lot; inconvenience, money and in extreme cases life and security. Believe it or not, lost keys are a major reason for stranded cars. Forgetting your keys inside the car is embarrassing but happens a lot of times. A suggestion is to keep a spare key with you at all times in case of such emergencies. Tip: Look for an auto insurance plan that also covers for lost or stolen car keys.

5. Fuel Issues:

A very obvious reason for a car breakdown is the fuel running out but this can be easily avoided. This is likely to happen when you do not plan your journeys thoroughly, maintain them and can be very troublesome! Another fuel related problem can be filling up the wrong fuel. This can cause more damages to the engine than a mere car breakdown.

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