Why is Bike Tracking the Need of the Hour in Pakistan?

The menace of street crimes is a pressing issue for every Pakistani citizen, stolen bikes are a common issue over here.

Among all the vehicles, a bike is the most commonly used one to commute and this is why its theft also tops the list. According to an article in “The News”, during the year 2021, more than 50,000 bikes were stolen in Karachi alone.

How to Prevent your Bike from Getting Stolen?

One thing’s for sure is that the usual handle locks and wire locks are good for nothing if the bike theft is still sky-rocketing.

The simplest hack is to know the whereabouts of your bike anytime. “Bike Tracker” is a solution that is proven to be potent for bike theft prevention. Features of the bike tracker enhance the security and also allow you to monitor the vehicle on the go.

Having a basic bike tracker can limit the functionalities and will just offer a basic level of protection which doesn’t suffice. TPL Trakker’s Bike Tracking device is a seamless solution for all your bike tracking needs. Following are the utilitarian features of TPL’s Bike Tracker:


  • Cut-off alert via SMS
  • Location in TPL Maps
  • Geofencing
  • Easy Monitoring on Mobile
  • Waterproof

How will it Help Me?

Track the location of your bike with an easy-to-use app, restrict locations for better accountability or to keep your loved ones secure, track locations of your bike on the go with your phone, and move with comfort in rainy weather conditions as the device is waterproof.

Replay your tracking activity and watch your trip movement later with the TPL Trakker app for monitoring your vehicle’s traveling activity for the entire day.

Get yours now!

Securing your bike is a necessity these days and having it at such a low price is an opportunity you just can’t miss!

It would be a grave mistake to consider it just another bike tracking device instead it’s a solution with features that can help you trace your bike’s travel history, can help locate your loved ones in emergency-like situations, etc.

It’s better not to be penny-wise and pound-foolish when it comes to getting a tracker installed on your bike. Book your bike trakker now and be at peace!