Why You Should Choose TPL Trakker


Have you ever gone shopping while ruminating over whether or not your car is parked in the appropriate spot? Or perhaps you’re out with friends but are unable to enjoy yourself because of this ongoing uneasy feeling? This is one of those concerns that resides rent-free in our minds. A jolt down your spine is all it takes to find your parking spot empty. As devastating as it feels, figuring out what happened to your car and what to do about it now is an even worse pain.

The most you can typically do in a vehicle theft situation is report the theft to the deputy chief of police. This entails a prolonged wait and lengthy processing. These worries are relatively common, and many others struggle with the same problems. We have a solution for you that can help with the recovery of your vehicle and help you prevent it from happening.

TPL Trakker is one of Pakistan’s best and most popular vehicle tracking services, offering the most competitive and personalized solutions for both B2B and B2C customers. At TPL Trakker, we offer services that are not only of the highest caliber but also make use of cutting-edge technology. Trakker’s incredible features, some of which are listed below, are some of the additional factors that make it the perfect choice for you:

Stolen Vehicle Recovery Assistance

If your car has been stolen, Trakker’s stolen vehicle recovery feature makes it simple to track it down. You don’t want to be kept waiting for months while authorities try to find your car or bike during this chaotic time. In such a misfortunate situation, you can get Trakker’s assistance in locating where your vehicle has been taken. Once you are aware of your vehicle’s location, you can alert the concerned authorities and get your vehicle recovered much sooner.

The Ignition On/Off Alerts

You receive timely alerts and updates from Trakker whenever the engine of your car is started or stopped. This feature is excellent for tracking car lifters and might help you catch them before they finish their heist.


The ability to specify precise limits, whether inter-city or otherwise, is an excellent feature. You can choose from a variety of Trakker packages that include both the company’s standard geo-fencing and solutions that can be customized according to your needs.

Trakker Mobile App

The freedom TPL Trakker gives its clients to keep an eye on their cars on their own is one of the key reasons you should purchase it for your car. With the help of Trakker’s user-friendly mobile application, you can locate your car on our real-time navigation map and access all the information you need about it, including trip reports.


Car tracking is essential in countries like Pakistan! It guarantees the security of your vehicle and improves your driving enjoyment by providing insightful information.