TPL Trakker has an impressive track record having recovered over 8,000 vehicles and cargo comprising of petroleum, tobacco, cotton, yarn, garments, pharmaceuticals and consumable goods etc to the tune of Rs. 6 billion in its first 9 years of operation. Due to its very large and rapidly growing customer base, many more vehicles and cargo are being recovered on a daily basis.

Yes, this state-of-the-art vehicle security system operates wherever there is availability of GSM network.

Yes, it can be installed in all vehicles like Daihatsu, Honda, Hyundai, KIA, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Toyota and even the latest electronically configured vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Range Rover etc.

If TPL Trakker unit become inoperative or is faulty by reason of defective components, workmanship or design within 24 months from the initial installation; TPL Trakker will repair or replace the system, free of charge. This warranty does not apply if the TPL Trakker unit has been tampered with, or worked on by anyone other than TPL Trakker authorized personnel, or if the vehicle has been involved in a collision. Warranty extension is available at the end of 1st year for up to 3 years.

All products of TPL Trakker are of recognized international standards. Insurance companies not only encourage installation of TPL Trakker by offering attractive insurance rates and discounts, but it is also mandatory for certain vehicles. Insist on obtaining the Trakker Installation Certificate to avail a discount on your insurance premium.

Yes, only if you have registered any other individual with TPL Trakker as an Authorized or Secondary User and he / she is in the knowledge of the Password.

No, features which could identify the vehicle as having a tracking system installed (e.g. stickers, flashing lights, honking, alarms, keys, dial-pads, remotes etc.), are extremely dangerous and strictly not advisable, if identified they could endanger the lives of the passengers.

Yes, you are may request it to be transferred to any one of your vehicles. To avoid inconvenience, please inform Customer Services atleast 10 days in advance. Only standard cost for removing and re-installing the unit shall apply.

By putting its vast infrastructure, state-of-the-art equipment and resources to work, TPL Trakker will do its best to recover your vehicle. Be secure in the knowledge that with TPL Trakker in your vehicle, it has an enviously high recovery rate of 95% recovery in Pakistan, depending upon the make /type of vehicle being stolen, with smaller vehicles being easier targets. This track record is exceptional where good industry standards require 85% recovery rate.

It is essential to immediately inform Customer Services (CS) or Trakker Security of any changes / additions to your vehicle or personal identification / details.

TRT not only helps recover your stolen vehicle, but also provides you assistance / advice in any emergency at all times.

In case of battery tamper alarms, Trakker Control Room immediately sends immobilization commands to unit and subsequently try to contact with the primary user. If contact established and we receive confirmation of work from customer, the alarm is closed after activation.

In case no contact is established, the TRT with the Police immediately responds as the vehicle sends out a red alert signal to the control room.

To avoid any false alarms which may also cause you embarrassment and inconvenience, pre-informing the TCR either via phone call or using “TrakkerApp” (mobile application) whenever your car is sent to the workshop, etc, is essential.

By using “Trakker App” (Mobile Application), “MyTrakker” (Web Portal) or calling the Trakker Control Room, you can simply check the vehicle’s current location at any time. You may directly contact our service center for rectification.

TPL Trakker unit has a designed life of 1 year with free warranty. The testing is done on a regular basis as the unit is programmed to undertake a self test “over the air” monitored by TCR. It requires no re-testing, except when you receive a call from us. Please respond without delay to any calls made by CS for service of your TPL Trakker unit.

Keep inquiring from Trakker Security Manager about its progress, who will also assist you to formally lodge the FIR and subsequently enquire about its recovery status from the Police and CPLC.

TPL Trakker’s line of products are certified for low current consumption. However, there can be some electronic anomaly or your car accessories are consuming a high current. If you have installed extra electrical accessories in your vehicle, please upgrade to a higher ampere battery to handle the extra load and avoid battery drain problems. Please call TCR for further assistance/ advice.

If a vehicle with a fake registration number similar to yours is used in the commission of a crime, TPL Trakker monitoring report will save you from being wrongfully implicated.

There is no-refund policy. In case the customer faces any issue in the first year, technical teams resolve all the issues. However, the customer can opt out of the package after 1 year. In that case, customer will not be liable for annual charges from 2nd year onwards.

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