TPL Trakker, a prominent figure in Pakistan’s vehicle tracking and IoT industry, has joined forces with Jazz to revolutionize tracking technology by seamlessly integrating satellite coverage and GSM tracking devices.

In this collaboration, Jazz will provide TPL Trakker with essential hardware components and connectivity options, encompassing fixed, GSM, and satellite solutions. The incorporation of satellite connectivity services is a strategic move aimed at ensuring overall coverage, particularly in remote areas where GSM signals may be weak or intermittently unreliable.

Rao Salman, CEO of TPL Trakker, expressed his thoughts on this development, stating, “Under this partnership, TPL Trakker and Jazz are dedicated to providing practical solutions with the best satellite tracking available on the market. As the front-runners of digital transformation in Pakistan, we anticipate that this partnership will accurately and effectively transform the tracking experience, even in the most remote regions. Our combined efforts represent the commitment towards guaranteeing superior service value to the end consumer.” Asif Aziz, Chief Business Officer at Jazz, also added, “We are excited to embark on this transformative journey with TPL Trakker to redefine the possibilities of tracking technology.”

While GSM facilitates real-time tracking capabilities in remote areas, satellite connectivity serves as a robust backup, ensuring seamless terrestrial network coverage. The integration of GSM and satellite technologies for tracking services aims to bridge a significant gap, addressing the challenges of weak connectivity and tracking services in remote areas that persist to date.