TPL Trakker & Krave Mart to transform Online Grocery Shopping via Digital Mapping Services

In Picture: Left to right Mr. Kassim Shroff – Founder & CEO Krave Mart and Mr. Sarwar Ali Khan – CEO TPL Trakker

TPL Trakker – Pakistan’s leading IoT, Tracking and Location Technology Company, has partnered with Krave Mart, one of the up and coming, most promising brands in the country, to enable their Q-commerce platform through robust location-based mapping services for delivery. TPL Trakker through its multiple Map’s APIs that are powered by more than 6 million location points, will facilitate in providing a seamless delivery experience to both Krave Mart customers as well as Krave Mart Riders.

In recent times Pakistan is experiencing an accelerated shift towards online shopping with customers expecting instant gratification with their online purchases. Krave Mart is an online grocery store disrupting the Q-commerce space with faster deliveries, authentic products, and constant innovation. In less than a year, Krave Mart has seen exponential growth by providing services to 90% of Karachi, 75% of Lahore, and 70% of Rawalpindi. This prolific partnership with TPL Trakker will enhance the delivery management system of Krave Mart and provide important data-driven insights that they can utilize to satisfy all the ‘kravings’ of their customers.

Commenting on the occasion, Sarwar Ali Khan, CEO of TPL Trakker, stated: “At TPL Trakker we aim to revolutionize the digital eco-sphere by working with partners who have the same goal. By utilizing TPL Trakker’s digital location services Krave Mart gains an innovative edge in Pakistan’s Q-commerce industry. Q-commerce has recently seen amazing traction in the market and TPL Trakker is committed to supporting local start-ups to further energize this sector.”

Sharing his thoughts on the partnership with TPL Trakker, Kassim Sharoff Founder & CEO said: “Our aim is to give people back some of their valuable time that they would otherwise spend by going to neighborhood grocery stores. This is only possible by not just providing the best experience, but also having the best systems in place, and I believe partnering with TPL Trakker will add great value to our service. We see a huge potential and opportunity in this market and we have put our heads down to ensure we execute properly and deliver on what we have promised.”

Further expanding on the occasion, Hammad Bawany, CPO, and Co-Founder of Krave Mart said: “Being the custodian of the product, it is always a top-most priority for me to figure out the best solutions that could provide our valuable customers with seamless app experiences. This partnership with TPL Trakker was a decision made out of the same objective. We look forward to bringing this collaboration to fruition.”

TPL Trakker works with various industries across Pakistan by offering a vibrant array of digital mapping services that enhance operational capabilities for its customers. With this partnership, both organizations aim to revolutionize the tech ecosystem based on mobility and convenience!