TPL Trakker Now Introduces The All New Track Me Feature; A Personal Tracking Solution For Everyone!

Delivering on its commitment to innovation, TPL Trakker has launched “Track Me”, the country’s first all-in-one personal tracking. Track Me enables individuals and businesses to track their family members and employees ensuring their safety and security.

This solutions is especially helpful in monitoring the movement of loved ones including school going children and the elderly. The business community can also enjoy the flexibility of mobile time tracking and keep their employees accounted for, using simple and accurate tracking solutions.

Mr. Sarwar Ali Khan, CEO, TPL Trakker said, “We are really excited to launch our latest ‘Track Me’ feature; an indigenous personal tracking solution of our Trakker App. The App-based Solution is Pakistan’s premier Personal Tracking platform, where we have combined our expertise in Asset Tracking & Customized IoT solutions to deliver a World class service to help Individuals, families and Businesses for real time location sharing within private groups along with the capacity to Geo-fence certain locations. Furthermore, the platform has the capacity to scale to serve large Corporations to monitor Field force, Logistics & on ground operations.”

The innovative technology transmits location information every two minutes on maps using a blend of GPS and GSM signals and allows users to see the locations accurately with a playback option of up to 30 days. Users can also share real-time locations, estimated arrival times, and travel speeds that monitor around the clock with the support of relative geographical coordinates to guarantee timely location accuracy.

Available on all smartphones, users can now link up with their loved ones and employees via the Trakker App to stay updated on their personal whereabouts and to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

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