TPL Trakker Partners with DoAM

23rd December 2020

TPL Trakker, Pakistan’s leading IoT Company, has won the tender to provide Consultancy Services for the Mapping of historical and religious sites in Pakistan, advertised by the Department of Archeology and Museums (DoAM).

The DoAM, is an Executive Department of the National Heritage and Culture Division, Government of Pakistan. Following the announcement, TPL Trakker and DoAM will conduct a feasibility study for the mapping of all cultural relics in Pakistan, such as historical monuments, archaeological and religious sites. After the data collection phase, all points of interest will be digitized and made available to the public via a website and Mobile App.

As the sole provider of maps licensed by the Survey of Pakistan, TPL Trakker is positioned to meet the complex requirements of DoAM for accurate and precise site surveys, location digitization, and location-enabled application development. The Company was shortlisted as a result of its experience and specialization in location enabled solutions and services and will play a key role in the field study and digitization of hundreds of historical and religious sites with heritage value.

An announcement was made by DoAM earlier this year, to take steps to promote tourism through the digitization of historical and religious sites in Pakistan, followed by conservation and restoration work on heritage sites.

Speaking at the occasion, Sarwar Ali Khan, CEO, TPL Trakker, said, “We take deep pride in initiating this landmark project with the DoAM for Pakistan. As data experts, we understand that location data is the most critical foundation for any innovative solution to thrive. Having surveyed the length and breadth of this nation, and as leaders in the technology sector with our own Location Based Services and Solutions, we are delighted to have this opportunity to collect and digitize location data and develop a unique application that will play a role in the preservation of key heritage sites in the country.”