TPL Trakker with HABIBMETRO becomes pioneer for Advanced Auto Finance Solutions in Pakistan

TPL Trakker, Pakistan’s leading IoT Company for Tracking, Telematics, Mapping, and Location Based Services, has recently partnered with Habib Metropolitan Bank to offer vehicle tracking solutions to the Bank’s clients. HABIBMETRO Bank offers a comprehensive suite of banking solutions to its customers with over 450 branches in more than 165 cities across Pakistan.

By joining hands with TPL Trakker, a market leader in GPS Tracking for about two decades, HABIBMETRO Bank aims to enhance its auto finance solutions. With this collaboration, HABIBMETRO Bank will be able to offer an added benefit of security on leased vehicles for their auto finance customers. Moreover, HABIBMETRO will also be utilizing TPL Trakker’s IoT platform to control and monitor its entire fleet.

The vehicle tracking solutions provided by TPL Trakker utilize superior technology and comprehensive knowledge for seamless tracking. From Geo-Fencing to Stolen Vehicle Recovery Assistance, there are numerous top-tier specifications that allow customers to track their cars as well as recover them in case of any unfortunate events.

To mark the occasion, a signing ceremony was held between HABIBMETRO Bank and TPL Trakker. Present at the occasion were, Sarwar Ali Khan, CEO, TPL Trakker, Ahsan Mairaj, Head  of Financial Institutions, TPL Trakker, Babbar Wajid, Executive Vice President, Consumer Head HABIBMETRO, Adil Ahmed Sethi, Product Head Autos HABIBMETRO, Syed Faheem ul Islam, Consumer Product Head, Retail Banking HABIBMETRO, as well as management team members from both companies.

“This favorable alliance with Habib Metropolitan Bank is in line with our mission to promote safety and security across the country. By offering this pioneering advanced auto finance solution to HABIBMETRO, we enable them to have a seamless control to monitor their leased vehicles & fleet. We are the first ever to launch such a suite for leased vehicles, ensuring maximum safety for the bank’s valuable customers by delivering telematics across Pakistan to connect mobile assets, people, and businesses. We look forward to a joint profitability and achieving our goals and objectives together.” said Sarwar Ali Khan, CEO of TPL Trakker.

TPL Trakker Habib Metropolitan Bank

“The partnership with TPL Trakker will enhance the offering of HABIBMETRO Bank’s auto finance solutions by providing security and peace of mind to the customers through its reliable surveillance products.” said Babbar Wajid, Consumer Head at HABIBMETRO.

In a recent event, TPL Trakker also won two brand of the year awards for the categories of Fleet Management Solution and Vehicle Tracking & Security, once again proving to be industry leaders with their innovative telematics solutions.