TPL Trakker’s Location Based Services To Power TPL Logistics’ Innovator, Rider

Karachi, 2nd September 2020

TPL Trakker, Pakistan’s leading IoT Company providing Tracking, Telematics, and Location Based Services and Solutions, has partnered with Rider, a rapidly growing end-to-end e-commerce logistics company.

Following the partnership, TPL Maps, the mapping arm of TPL Trakker will power the Rider Mobile App to ensure accurate and hassle free deliveries. TPL Maps is Pakistan’s leading digital location technology provider licensed by the Survey of Pakistan. As a location data powerhouse covering 400 cities, 4.5 million geo-coded address and 600,000 km of road network mapped across Pakistan, TPL Maps will be a key technology partner for Rider, which in a short period of time, has expanded operations to six cities since its inception last year.

In the first phase, Rider has deep-linked the TPL Maps Navigation App (available on Android & iOS) in its Drive4Rider App. Following this, they will integrate the base-maps and other Location Based Services in their backend platform and the “Rider – Smart Deliveries” app. Rider is a market innovator, bringing cutting edge route optimization to ensure timely deliveries directly to the doorstep, a significant challenge in the local market. Capitalizing on TPL Trakker’s vast pool of fresh data, scalability, and a distinctly localized approach, this collaboration will support the continued growth and success of Rider. Since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, a rising number of consumers are having their retail needs met online which has led to higher expectations from logistics providers.

The Company found TPL Trakker’s Location Based Services (LBS) to be scalable, cost effective and proficient to fuel their mission of providing precise and timely last-mile deliveries in the highly competitive on-demand digital space. A significant number of start-ups and established businesses in Pakistan are testing and choosing TPL Trakker’s LBS APIs to make their assets location-enabled. These include leading brands such as Telenor, Jazz, Bykea, foodpanda, Eat Mubarak and MiRyde.

TPL is effectively powering the next generation of intelligent digital services in Pakistan and contributing to the digital revolution in the country through innovative IoT solutions.

Commenting on the partnership, Sarwar Ali Khan, CEO, TPL Trakker, said “Location Based Services are at the very core of successful modern logistics operations. With Rider’s expansion in the logistics space and given a highly competitive market, their LBS requirements have become more complex and rigorous and this is where our LBS have been ideally positioned to meet their needs.

We are proud to support Rider’s continued growth with our innovative services. Our data strength, technological performance, cost-efficiency and overall customer support is driving leading international and domestic brands to choose us as their preferred LBS partner.”

Salman Allana, CEO, Rider said, “With Rider, we are addressing some of the most complex logistics challenges in Pakistan and bringing tremendous efficiencies for our clients using ingenious applications and teams of experts across the country. We have evaluated and found TPL Trakker’s Location Based Services to be ideally suited to meet our needs as we expand our coverage into new territories. We are excited to see what the future holds with this collaboration.”