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Lahore, Pakistan: Wednesday, November 12th 2014, TPL Trakker signs a contract with Lahore Transport Company to introduce state of the art E ticketing system. The innovative aspects of TPL Trakker’s infrastructure offers LTC the possibility of providing good service quality and prevent pilferages in the fare collection system. It will also assist in providing accurate statistical data regarding the usage of transportation facilities to senior and disabled citizens, concessional student green cards.

The contract ceremony was attended by Chairman of LTC, Khawaja Ahmad Hassan, LTC CEO Khawaja Haider Latif and CEO of TPL Trakker, Mohammad Ali Jameel. On this occasion, Punjab Assembly Member Ramzan Siddiqui Bhatti, Chief Technical Officer, Badiur Rehman and other senior officials were also present.

Mohammad Ali Jameel remarks, “With the innovation in transportation, LTC will be travelling along the cutting of technology”.

“On this note, a special announcement; TPL Trakker will develop a smart phone application, so people can smartly plan their journeys. This app will be provided free of cost to the public,” he added.

As part of the new infrastructure, passengers travelling on the bus will appraise the conductor about the desired destination. The conductor will type it into a handheld device, which will give a ticket printout for the passenger. The device will be equipped with Wifi, GPRS, and GPS to send real time data of passengers to a centralized computer monitoring system for fare collection analysis. The main data centre will also monitor the movement of buses through a GPS device installed in the buses.

For the first time in the history of Pakistan, public transportation has seen innovation.

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