Personal Trakking

Personal Trakking (PT) is the first if its kind in Pakistan, providing tracking updates of anyone you need to monitor. The innovative technology transmits information in both 2G and 3G GSM wireless networks.


Smart Tracking

Smart Tracking allows you to get a live location every two minutes on maps using a blend of GPS and GSM signals

Historical Playback

Allows you to see the locations accurately with a playback option of up to 30 days

Speed Alert

Monitor the speed of your car to prevent over speeding and risk of life

Voice Calling

PT1 can call two pre-programmed numbers immediately & repeatedly


Easily set up safe zones and no-go areas from your smartphone or via web. Geo-fence will send SMS alerts on entering or leaving the area

Silent Mode

It can be set to silent mode so there is no disturbance in classrooms or quiet areas

Battery Life

Strong battery which lasts up to 3 days. Receive Low Battery Alerts via SMS to ensure your device is always charged and ready to use

  • High accuracy GPS receiver
  • Assisted GPS and backup system using cell site positioning
  • GSM communication
  • Microphone and speaker for voice communications
  • Data transfer using GPRS TCP-IP protocol
  • Built in 3G motion sensor
  • 800mAh Li Polymer battery
  • USB cable for charging
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