About FMCG’s Industry

Planet Retail estimates Pakistan’s current retail market size at $152 billion. Goods need to get to their markets and respond promptly to market fluctuations; it is forecast to expand 8.2% a year through 2016-2021. Surging demand for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) in Pakistan is attracting hundreds of millions of dollars of new investments. Rapid turnover is the name of the game in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) business.

FMCG’s – Challenges

How Technology Can Help

The Driver Scorecard and Behavior Monitoring provide fleet managers and drivers visibility into driving behaviors impacting the probability of safe driving, unnecessary fuel consumption, and overall vehicle wear and tear. The Route Deviation feature monitors the deviation of vehicles from their prescribed route. Our Cold Chain Monitoring feature helps in monitoring reefer temperature levels in real time & alerts on occasions of a temperature fluctuation and the Trip Automation feature is used to optimize and automate all your trips with appropriate routes & stops.

Data Analytics – TPL Trakker Telematics Solution

TPL Trakker offers web-based, tablet and smartphone enabled tracking portals with multi-browser capability that provide multiple features into vehicle safety and tracking needs. Furthermore, APIs are available so that data can be integrated with 3rd Party systems, and real-time notifications via Email and/or SMS and/or Web feed are available around the clock.

  • Web-Based Modular Platform
  • Dynamic Global Reporting Suite
  • Integrate to Business Intelligence

Trip Management System

TPL Trakker provides customized solutions that help you create smarter routes for every vehicle in your fleet, helping to make deliveries quicker, safer, more predictable, and more responsive.
We have created a “Trip Management System” for FMCG for optimal route planning which gives them real time updates of all their vehicles in their fleet. The system lets you monitor your vehicle and suggest the best route to minimize last mile delivery and meet the intense demands of seasonal surges with long-range capacity planning tools.


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Improve Driver Behavior

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