Fuel Monitoring Systems

TPL Trakker Ltd. offers Fuel Management Solutions that are designed to effectively measure and manage the use of fuel for vehicles and provide a hassle free and hands on fuel monitoring experience for our valued customers. With daily reports you can now see exactly how much fuel is used, the distance traveled, routes are taken, and the speed with which your vehicles are being driven at.

No more waiting just call us for any queries and we will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of how we can make your vehicle surveillance more economical. No need to look any further, you can call us anytime as our representatives are available 24 x 7!

The sensor can monitor actual fuel level, fuel filling quantity, fuel consumption and theft /stolen reports:


  • Configurable thermal correction
  • Digital self-diagnostics to control data reliability
  • Sealing openings to prevent tampering
  • Output signal showing current fuel levels in the tank
  • Fuel Theft Alert
  • Fuel History Report
  • Fuel Consumption Report
  • Fuel Trip Report
  • Driving Behavior
  • Temperature
  • Route deviation alert
  • Geo fence alert

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