Automated Fuel Management System

An automated fuel management system gives fleet organizations a much higher level of accountability that can yield up to 15% in fuel consumption savings and 10-20% in the reduction of ‘shrinkage’ or wasted fuel. With greater efficiency, all fuel management data can be integrated with a fleet management system and kept in a single database, eliminating the need for fleets to rely on manual or duplicate entry into multiple databases.


  • Fuel consumption and refueling as per the required/selected duration
  • Real time RPM reports on the server as well alarms for over revving
  • Real-time temperature reports on the server and its alert at low and high level
  • Cashless Refueling
  • Prevents fraud and fuel mismatch
  • Remote control authorization
  • Auto controlling for un authorized persons fueling
  • Fuel purchased/selling audit controls & reports
  • Low level alert for next purchasing fuel
  • Geo fence alert

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