Corporate Social Responsibility

Children Education Program


Education is vital to transform the life of a child, yet for millions of children and youth in Pakistan, education is a distant dream. Although successive governments have tried to eradicate illiteracy amongst children, they have been unable translate their policies into action due to political, social and cultural impediments.

In order to bridge this gap, TPL Trakker launched an initiative to educate the children of over 850 employees at the company. Over 400 of these employees work as skilled labour (Technicians, Drivers, Office Attendants and Security Guards) qualify for this project.


In the first phase, approximately a 100 children were enrolled in primary and secondary grades under this program at various schools.

This program is providing quality education to children who otherwise would not have been able to avail such an opportunities. In long-term, we hope that the children realize their potential, and this chance acts as a gateway for future success.


This program had a profound effect on the employees, with increased morale and has also put a lasting effect on the lives of those children who are benefiting from quality learning.

It has benefitted the children but also the employees of the company, who see that Trakker cares for those that work for it.

Livelihood Support Program


Poverty is a major concern for Pakistan, as it can lead to socio-economic distress. If a family falls into a poverty trap it is difficult to emerge out of it. With this in mind, TPL Trakker launched the Livelihood Support Program.

The Livelihood Support program is a cooperation between The Citizen Foundation and The Hunar Foundation to provide employment opportunities to under-privileged students to improve their economic conditions by equipping them with technical skills. This will lead to income generation for these skilled labour and can also be employed by Trakker.

Details of the Project

As a first step, the curriculum was designed by the Technical department at TPL Trakker. The program duration was going to be three-months, which was a mixture of classroom training for a month at TCF premises, and a two-month on-the-job training at Trakker Technical Workshop.

The next step was to select the right candidate. The TPL Trakker team conducted interviews of 70 students from TCF, and out of these, 16 were enrolled for the classroom training.


All sixteen students were given one month classroom training at TCF school premises in which basic electronics, quality assurance and technical subjects were covered. During the training, students were periodically evaluated to ensure the effectiveness of training. At the end of the training, a final evaluation test was conducted which was successfully cleared by all students. After the successful completion of classroom training, the students were placed as apprentices within the TPL Trakker Technical Department. During this phase, all apprentices were given a chance to work at various sections of the Technical Department such as Quality Assurance, TPL Trakker Repair Center and Supply Chain Management.


At the end of the two month, 9 out of the 16 apprentices successfully cleared the evaluation criteria and were given permanent employment as Technicians at TPL Trakker.

TPL Trakker has a requirement of 60 technicians per annum, and as a result more TCF graduates will receive employment in the company through this program. This initiative ensures that we give back to society, and also create a steady stream of employees that are trained by us. We hope to continue this in the future, because we believe in building and strengthening the communities for the betterment of the country.

The company strives to educate, develop and empower the underprivileged by making yearly contributions to the following organizations:

  • Institute of Business Administration
  • Eduljee Dinshaw Road Project Trust
  • Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre
  • The Kidney Centre
  • Fleet Operators Association of Pakistan
  • Habib University Foundation
  • National Centre for Dispute Resolution
  • Panah Trust

Some of the organizations that we have made contributions towards as part of our corporate responsibility are:

Institute of Business Adminstration (IBA): We have a long-term commitment towards the institution to enhance IBA’s infrastructure, so more students are able to receive quality education. Since its inception in 1955, IBA has been producing some of the top executives in Pakistan. We want to support tertiary education in the country, and would like to impact the lives of the youth through quality education.

Patient’s Aid Foundation: We feel that if we can positively impact lives by helping to provide quality healthcare, we should. As part of this philosophy, the company made a contribution for state-of-the-art surgical equipment that will be used in the new operation theaters being built at the Jinnah Post Medical Centre.

Save Driving Practices: As part of a safety awareness campaign, this program was created in in collaboration with the Marketing and Human Resource departments. This campaign, intended for the youth, highlighted the importance of safe driving and the hazards associated with driving recklessly. The Campaign was supported by videos and a presentation, delivered by TPL’s senior management. Various topics such as safety first, different driving related techniques, driving in difficult situations and emergency handling techniques were covered during the sessions. The target audience for each session of the campaign included twenty five to thirty students all under the age of 30. This initiative created a strong relationship between the company and universities of Pakistan. TPL will continue conducting such sessions in the future as well to ensure safe driving in Pakistan.

Eduljee Dinshaw Road Project:  Karachi has a rich history and we want to honor those that have contributed towards the development of this city. The Eduljee Dinshaw Road Project was an initiative that honoured Eduljee Dinshaw, who gave this city the Lady Dufferin Hospital, amongst other notable charitable works. We contributed towards the road near the 1916 KPT Building that looks to revive old Karachi and various other parts of the city.

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