Stolen Vehicle Recovery Services


In a country where vehicle theft has always been and continues to be a big problem, it is important to install a GPS tracking system that lets users monitor their car’s location at any given time. This means that if a car is stolen, users will be able to locate their exact location through external sources and have the stolen vehicle recovered.

TPL Trakker offers the most innovative vehicle tracking solution ‘Stolen Vehicle Recovery’ services which enables users to access pertinent information about vehicles from across the country. Vehicles are sometimes taken for vehicle parts or simply to resell to unsuspecting buyers, as well as have cargo and equipment stolen or tampered with. In such an unfortunate event, users need a guarantee that their tracking system gives them the best chance of having their vehicles or goods recovered.

At TPL Trakker active GPS fleet tracking software communicates between the vehicle and the Trakker command center in real-time enabling law enforcement to close in on the stolen vehicle and retrieving the car. TPL Trakker’s recovery rate is beyond 90%.

Part of what makes TPL Trakker special is that our recovery services can be called upon instantly in the case of red alert; when a vehicle gets stolen. Emergencies arise without notice and having vehicles equipped for any job is paramount, because there’s no telling at what time or place a vehicle may be stolen.

Whether someone is looking to steal your vehicles or the goods they are carrying, theft is an unfortunate reality in Pakistan. Commercial businesses and car owners tend to be prime targets of theft due to the value of their assets. At TPL Trakker we ensure our customers peace of mind that their vehicle or cargo will not end up somewhere across the country on sold as scrap.

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