Bike tracking devices easily detectable

KARACHI: TPL Trakker CEO Sarwar Ali Khan has said installing tracker devices on motor bikes to protect from theft was a difficult task.

Briefing journalists regarding his company’s new products on Thursday, he said there were only three spots for tracker installation in bikes, which could be detected easily.

Talking about recently launched, “TrackMe” application, he said that it helps protecting and connecting families by offering intelligent location sharing. The feature received great response from customers as the user base has crossed 60,000 in just four months. He said the users were not only from Pakistan but also UK, US, Canada, and UAE. The upgraded Trakker App has been optimised to better serve the safety needs of customers with the new vehicle analytics feature which provides insights such as driver behaviour scorecard, and trip analytics reports.

“One of our features, ‘driver fatigue’ monitoring offers real time fatigue detection and gives a break alert in case of fatigue detected. Distracted driver detection and cell phone usage detection are its key features,” said Sarwar.

He said this app would also detect distraction, yawn, phone calling, seat belt fasten, smoking, covering, and error.

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