Genset Monitoring System

Genset is a device that helps you guard your business continuity. It is a fuel level monitoring solution and system which helps in preventing sudden power outages that may create bottlenecks and reduce the overall productivity of the business. A Genset Solution can also work as a supplementary power source in case of power outages and also as a main power source if needed.

Genset helps in remote monitoring of fuel level capacity which eventually drives down operational costs. It monitors the engine parameters beforehand and helps identify the problems before they arise and become a bottleneck.

Benefits of having a Generator Fuel Monitoring System?

  • Reliability
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Extendable design
  • Rugged construction
  • Automatic load control
  • Reduced carbon emissions

What does the Fuel Level Monitoring Solution of Trakker have to Offer?

Not only does the TPL Trakker’s Genset Solution allow generators to be more efficient, but it also makes them more durable.

Generators are installed with sensors and monitors which provide feedback on key performance indicators such as voltage, run time, and fuel level. With a gateway device, we receive readings to our server.

Reports generated and intelligent alerts are a unique offering by our Genset Solution. It includes reporting such as generator status, fuel, and maintenance reports. Alerts can help strengthen the accountability systems such as fuel cap open alerts etc.

To monitor the situation of your generator remotely you can use TPL Trakker’s Genset Monitoring Solution. It comes with prime features such as:

  • Consumption per hour
  • Actual fuel level
  • Fill-in quantity
  • Theft and Stolen alert
  • Fuel cap open alert

Which Industries can Utilize the Power of Genset Solution:

  • Telecommunications
  • Data Centers
  • Banks
  • Fuel Stations
  • Construction Sites
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitals


A generator fuel tracking solution by TPL Trakker can help streamline your business operations and optimize them by providing better monitoring of assets, enhanced equipment reliability, centralized monitoring, fuel monitoring, and pilferage control.