How does MDVR Solution help Fleet Managers?

A plethora of industries require consistent movement of goods due to which fleet management is of critical importance to support the supply chain infrastructure.

Mobile Digital Video Recording (MDVR) is an emerging technology and a new trend in the fleet monitoring industry. There are various ways you can utilize the MDVR solution for your benefit.

Why’s & Wherefores of MDVR:

TPL Trakker’s Mobile Digital Video Recording (MDVR) solution is built for heavy vehicles in mind to monitor and manage a mobile workforce.

Once the MDVR device is placed in your vehicle, the fleet tracking system with a camera integrates with the tracking unit to display footage with map locations, speed, and G-force readings.

Benefits of MDVR Solution:

Following are the ways mentioned below:

  • Helps in assisting with employee and asset protection.
  • Easy integration with tracking units.
  • Insights about events of critical importance.
  • Monitoring and managing driver behavior.
  • Easy-to-use interface with high resolution video.
  • Professionally installed software and hardware into the vehicle.

With a tracking unit in place, proactive management and response can be ensured. It will also significantly help in managing driver behavior and mitigating risks. Incidents can be prevented with the help of it and correct post-accident blame can also be attributed rightly.

TPL Trakker’s MDVR Features: 

Following are the features an MDVR comes with:

  • Digital video recording system embedded with Wi-Fi and 3G modules.
  • A cutting-edge recording system that includes features such as Camera Disconnection Alerts, GPS Tracking, 3G Connection, and Night Vision Surveillance Camera Connectivity.
  • For private cars, a rear-view camera is installed with a 3G connection that can help in making navigation easier.
  • The dual positioning of the camera allows it to record every minute detail with complete transparency in data metrics.

For complete details of the features that MDVR offers, follow the link to MDVR Solution.


Following are the industries that can get help with an MDVR solution: Automotive, Healthcare, Retail, etc. There are various other industries too that can benefit from a surveillance solution like MDVR and prevent them from loss of valuable assets during transit.