Trakker App Features

When it comes to your vehicle’s security or more importantly the safety of your loved ones can you trust any vehicle tracking brand? TPL Trakker has been navigating its way towards success ever since the Asset Tracking Industry came into existence.

Having a trakker isn’t just enough as a solution, there should be an entire ecosystem supporting it. A dedicated Call Center staff to support the customer queries 24/7, and a user-friendly interactive app to track vehicles with other immersive platforms to support it are what make a tracking solution top of the line.

Following are the achievements of TPL Trakker:

  • 550,000+ Vehicle Trackers Installed
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery Rate of 90%
  • Value of Vehicles Recovered 7 Billion+
  • Tracker Recovery Teams with 120+ Agents

With 100k+ downloads, TPL Trakker’s app has proved its mantle as it is one of the most downloaded vehicle/car tracking apps. We have added fresh-new features to the app for enhanced visibility of assets and convenience at its best for both individuals and enterprises.

Features and its Functionalities:

My Trakker (GPS Tracking App to Track Vehicles):

Get Car Location:

Locate your car’s location in real-time with the help of the “Get Car Location” feature.

History Playback:

Get a vehicle’s history report for the past 24 hours at any time to track your journeys and routes traveled.


Get fast and easy access to your invoices. Choose from various payment methods and get a system-generated invoice against your payment.

Pre-inform No-Go Area and Battery Tamper:

Avoid the hassle of making calls to inform about your vehicle entering a no-go area. Instead, pre-inform about your vehicle’s route and destination in the app for greater convenience.

Pre-inform on the app if due to car maintenance your battery would be serviced to avoid getting battery tamper alerts on the app.

Vehicle Analytics:

Gain access to critical insights into your vehicle with different reports and scorecards:

Driver Scorecard:

Get insights about the driver’s behavior of all the vehicles managed by Trakker. A driver scorecard would help for better accountability and training of the drivers. Below are the KPIs on which the Driver Scorecard is developed.

  • Over Speeding
  • Harsh Acceleration
  • Harsh Braking
  • Harsh Cornering

Trip Report:

Keep an eye on the historical movement of your vehicle with the help of a Trip Report.

Trip Analytics:

Gain useful data about your trips by finding out total trips made by your vehicle, distance traveled, hours the car is driven, and max speed.

Speed Report:

Check the max speed of your vehicle and compare it with other vehicles to monitor driver behavior in a better way.

Fuel Report:

Monitor trends of your vehicle’s fuel consumption with the help of Fuel Report data for enhanced monitoring and reporting.

Vehicle Maintenance:

Whenever your car is going for a holistic overhaul add a reminder under the vehicle maintenance tab and notify us through the app to keep the tracker running smoothly. Historic records of vehicle maintenance can also be checked under this tab.

Tech Support

Removal of Device

Fill out a short and simple form by requesting tech support for the removal of the tracker from your device.

Register Complaint/Request:

Register your request or complaint and you will get a response from the team within one working day.

Account Settings

Change your password or update details such as the residential or billing details of your profile.

Personal Tracking

Get Device Location:

Tracking the location of devices with the help of a GPS tracking app such as a mobile device.

Device History:

View the historical journey report of the device you’re tracking to be informed all the time.


The importance of a GPS tracking app can’t be emphasized enough as it improves convenience and efficiency while you’re on the go.

New products can be bought and packages can be upgraded with ease with the new Trakker app.

TPL Trakker’s GPS tracking phone app has been revamped and is now faster, smarter, and interactive. Trakker’s app is available for both Android and iOS users.

Getting a car trakker installed with the right ecosystem to support it is the most efficient way to make the most out of its features. Enhanced convenience and efficient monitoring of assets is just a click away with a TPL Trakker’s App.