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Winning With Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

A new trend in fleet monitoring, Mobile Digital Video Recording and Rear View Mirror Cameras, are gaining momentum. They help in managing driver behavior and mitigating risks, either to prevent incidents or to attribute the correct post-accident blame. MDVR is a digital video recording system embedded with Wi-Fi and 3G modules. MDVR is a cutting edge recording system that includes features such as Camera Disconnection Alerts, GPS tracking, 3G Connection and Night Vision Surveillance Camera Connectivity. MDVR supports four camera connections with placement capability for interior and exterior monitoring with night vision video / audio.

Rear View Mirror Camera can be installed in private cars while navigating with 3G networks. GPS+AGPS Dual Positioning System, features of 1080P front camera and D1 back camera make sure every detail is recorded while providing full transparency in data metrics. In addition, android operating systems provide possibilities for easy integration of new software, making the device more intelligent during drive time.


  • 1080P full HD camera with angle adjustment capability.
  • Two channel recording capability.
  • G Force Sensor
  • Remote Live Streaming
  • 64 GB SD card storage capability
  • Bluetooth enabled cameras including WiFi capability
  • 5 inch IPS screen
  • Locking systems for storage disk and SIM card
  • Four channels capacity with extension cable
  • Night vision enabled with image and voice control (optional)