Monitoring System

Take another step towards innovation

Lower your business cost by a huge margin, with Genset Monitoring System 

TPL Trakker’s Genset Monitoring System is a cutting-edge IoT solution that will revolutionize the way you manage and secure your valuable gensets and daily business operations. Our advanced technology empowers you with remote control over your gensets, ensuring seamless 24/7 monitoring of your business activities.

Stay Informed with Customizable Dashboards

Our user-friendly, customizable dashboards grant you easy access to vital information, alerts, and genset data. Always stay informed and in full control with a comprehensive view of your genset’s performance metrics, including:

  • Voltage
  • Run hours
  • Fuel consumption
  • Fuel level

Real-Time Alerts for Proactive Management

Proactively manage your gensets with real-time alerts. Stay one step ahead of potential issues and inefficiencies, allowing you to take immediate action and optimize performance.

Experience Unmatched Convenience and Efficiency

TPL Trakker’s Genset Monitoring System offers unmatched convenience and efficiency in managing your gensets and elevating your business operations. Embrace the future of smart genset management with our state-of-the-art IoT solution.

Take charge of your gensets like never before. Explore the possibilities with TPL Trakker’s Genset Monitoring System and embrace a new era of efficiency and security for your business.

Key benefits of Genset Monitoring System

Enhanced Security and Surveillance

Ensure the utmost security and surveillance for your valuable generators with genset monitoring. Receive instant alerts for any unauthorized access or suspicious movement near the generators.

Real-time Monitoring

With real-time monitoring, gain access to crucial details, receive timely alerts, and take prompt actions whenever necessary.

Customizable Dashboards

Custom-made dashboards consolidate all essential business operations in one place. Access daily, weekly, and monthly reports, along with fuel usage analysis to optimize fuel consumption. 

Automated Scheduling

Optimize the health of your genset with automated scheduling. Set precise on and off times, schedule fuel refills, control genset temperature and receive maintenance alerts to keep your genset in peak condition.

Features of Genset Monitoring System

Minimized fuel theft

Real-time fuel level monitoring

Fuel leak alerts

Fuel lid open alerts

Potential mechanical maintenance alert

Remote ignition on & off

Detailed Reports

User-friendly and interactive dashboard

Fill-in quantity

Fuel consumption reports (utility and futile) 


Remote genset controls empower you to effortlessly manage and operate your generators 24/7, from any location worldwide, using our dashboards.

Certainly! We offer fully customizable dashboards tailored to your specific needs, complete with personalized performance metrics and alerts. Our user-friendly dashboard interface makes operation simple and convenient.

Our genset monitoring system employs sensors to gather critical data and information, including fuel usage per hour, remaining fuel levels, coolant temperature, generator voltage, utility usage, and more. This real-time data is transmitted to our IoT software, which can be accessed through your personalized dashboards. You can even remotely control the ignition of your genset through the dashboard.

Absolutely! By optimizing fuel usage and management, our system can lead to substantial savings of up to 20 to 25% on fuel expenditures for your business.

Our system acts as a vigilant guardian against fuel theft. It sends instant alerts in response to any suspicious activities, such as fuel lid openings, sudden drops in fuel levels, or fuel leakages. These real-time alerts play a crucial role in minimizing the risk of fuel theft and safeguarding your valuable assets.

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