Plug N Play GPS Tracker

A smart GPS tracking device is an efficient solution for tracking vehicles. The best part about a Plug N Play Tracker Device is its easy installation. This device saves both time and money by directly plugging the device into the OBD port.

A plug-n-play device will give you the privilege to locate vehicles from virtually anywhere and at any time on a computer or smartphone. What you will eventually be able to achieve as a business is enhanced customer service, increased revenue, and expenses cut down.

The bottom line is, that anyone looking for an efficient solution for passenger or light-duty vehicles that require vehicle diagnostics to monitor vehicle health and driver behavior should opt for a Plug N Play GPS Tracker.

Here are some of the features that TPL Trakker’s Plug N Play device has to offer:

Features / Benefits

  • GSM Based Multiple Data Upload Modes
  • Internal GSM and GPS antennas
  • Easy Installation (Installation time Max. 15 minutes)
  • Geo-fences
  • Vehicle Maintenance alarm
  • Driving Behavior
  • Over-the-air unit configuration
  • Internal back-up: 1100 mAh. Rechargeable battery
  • Backup Up to 20 Hours
  • Powered on by Cigarette lighter connection
  • Hardware will not take any power from the vehicle when the AC is turned off.
  • External DC pin is available for charging by using a 12V 3Amp charger

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