Benefits of Cold Chain Monitoring Devices

The Overarching Benefits of Cold Chain Monitoring Devices for various Industries:

Maintaining quality of temperature sensitive goods is of paramount importance for food and pharmaceutical businesses.

Cold Chain Monitoring Device is your answer if you’re looking to monitor the temperature of food storage facilities and follow safety guidelines effortlessly. It has multiple uses when it comes to food businesses and restaurants.

Common challenges faced by the Food Industry are compliance with the regulators, wastage of food, and public health. These challenges can be resolved with a Cold Chain Monitoring Solution in place.

Businesses that are involved in food processing, manufacturing, and delivery are the most in need of accurately monitoring the temperature of their food storage facilities. Industries that have to transport temperature-sensitive goods can reap immense benefits from a Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Device.

All industries that require a sustainable and temperature-controlled supply chain like food, agriculture and pharmaceutical should opt for a Cold Chain Monitoring Solution.

Benefits of Cold Chain Monitoring Device:

  • Automatic controllers limit the usage of electricity and help save power
  • Puts a stop to unnecessary water/electricity usage to save money
  • Maximize usage of water at all times

Usage of Benefits:

  • Easy Compliance Monitoring.
  • Cutting Waste.
  • Alerts or notifications to stay informed.
  • Automation of Temperature Monitoring
  • Reduced Waste
  • Energy Saving

TPL Trakker is the pioneer of the Asset Tracking Industry and has been on a constant quest to provide valuable solutions. We have been in the business for around more than 22+ years. The Cold Chain Tracking and Monitoring Solution offered by TPL Trakker is built with advanced technology, is customizable, and can help increase business efficiency.


Following are the features that Trakker’s Cold Chain Monitoring System has to offer:

  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Report
  • Over-Speeding Alarm
  • Idle Report
  • Fatigue Driver Alert
  • High-Temperature Alert
  • Cut Engine Remotely (immobilization)
  • Real-Time Route Monitoring


Implementation of IoT solutions in the Water Industry and authorities can unfold new opportunities to mitigate water-related issues and eventually offer a water supply network free of any impediments.